Hand Crafted Gift Hampers

Beautiful hand-crafted Gift Hampers. These keepsake treasure chests are full of all the elements needed to inspire a life of peace and happiness.

Here you will find bundled together, Crystals, Pure Essential Oils, incense, candles and more in our Gift Hamper Packs.

These packs are designed for specific purposes for example: Anxiety Pack, Meditation packs, Fortune Luck & Prosperity pack.

In other words, we have used our knowledge to put them together for your convenience and as a result they offer the best value.

Divided into three categories:

Firstly, meditation & relaxation packs,

Secondly, Packs to uplift the soul,

Thirdly, Fun and Love Gift packs.

In addition we have Medicinal packs and Mum & Bub packs and our soon to come…  Corporate Range.

Browse our range for more detail.

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