Medicinal Caring & Travelling Gifts

Welcome to our Medicinal Caring & Travelling Gifts Range of beautiful hand-crafted Gift Hampers. These keepsake treasure chests are full of all of the essential, Pure Essential Oils. Handy for treating common ailments as well as disinfecting/cleaning your environment.

Here you will find bundled together, the Pure Essential Oils needed in your first aid kit or to carry with you wherever you travel.

Our Medicinal Caring & Travelling Gifts Range are designed for specific purposes. For example: First Aid Kit, Travellers Essential Kit.

In other words, we have used our knowledge to put them together for your convenience and as a result they offer you the best value.

Check out our other categories:

Firstly, Packs to Relax & Meditate,

Secondly, Packs to uplift the spirit & bring happiness

Thirdly, Fun and Love Gift packs.

In addition we have our Mum & Bub Range and coming soon…  Corporate Range.

Browse our range for more detail.

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