Oil Burners & other fun things Coming Soon

Coming Soon! Our products will be available here for individual purchase. Oil Burners/Diffusers, in addition to Sage, Incense and holders, and candles. Also available are our beautiful handcrafted Treasure Chest gift boxes. These are a keepsake storage box with space for 24 x 10ml Essential Oil bottles + room for crystals or other goodies.

Enriching Elements Gifts for Life beautiful Hand Crafted Gift Hampers all (Excluding Mini Packs range) include an oil burner for you to use your Essential Oils aromatically.

There are many different kinds of Oil Burners/Diffusers/Vaporisers available, however we use and recommend candle burners. The candlelight adds a gentle ambiance that works in sync with the gentle diffusion of the oil aroma in the air. Therefore creating the ideal atmosphere for you to practice your relaxation and meditations, or simply lift the energy in your home.


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