Black Agate


Black Agate – Tumbled A Grade quality 1-4cm approximately
Colour: Black with curved bands Appearance: Opaque

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Black Agate is most importantly Grounding, Healing, a Peacekeeper, and instills and promotes Courage.

Colour: Black with curved bands

Zodiac Affinities: Capricorn and Gemini

Black Agate offers calming peace that helps during bereavement & keeps peace in stressful households. Similarly these qualities help heal wounded hearts & promote the inner strength to move on. In addition it relieves anxiety. It therefore makes an ideal gift for anyone suffering depression or grief. See our Healing Hearts pack or Uplifting pack for more ideas & details.

Black Agate connects the physical and spiritual planes together and grounds you in reality.  It instills confidence helping the user to face problems with courage.

In addition it attracts prosperity & victory.

Black Agate has an affinity with the skeletal system and alleviates problems with joints and bones. Helps to keep the body in balance especially as we age.

Chemical Formula:    SiO2

Crystal System:    Trigonal

Moh’s Scale of Hardness:   7

Works with the Subtle Bodies:  Etheric & Emotional

Caution: Small crystals/stones can be a choking hazard to small children. Therefore, Enriching Elements suggests anything smaller than 4.5cm be kept out of their reach. If you are purchasing crystals for someone with small children please use our contact tab to let us know.

Enriching Elements Gifts for Life Crystals are all A-Grade quality and above all, are hand-picked with love to ensure maximum flow of energy.

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