Moss Agate


Moss Agate (Tumbled) A-Grade 2-5cm

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Moss Agate is most beneficial for Creativity, Balance, Wealth. Eases depression.

Colour & Appearance:  

Green translucent quartz with inclusions resembling moss like branch markings in Brown, Grey and White

Zodiac Affinities: Gemini, Virgo, Cancer

Moss Agate restores emotional & mental balance, which subsequently increases confidence & optimism. Consequently it also eases depression by restoring the balance between the right & left side of the brain.

In addition this relieves feelings of entrapment & personal restrictions. Therefore it works well with the respiratory system helping to relieve breathing problems caused by these feelings of entrapment.

It stimulates creativity, refreshes the soul, and attracts abundance in wealth.

In addition it enhances our relationship with nature.

Moss Agate also helps the circulatory & cleansing systems as well as benefits hypoglycaemia.

For more ideas & uses for Moss Agate, bundled conveniently for the best value, see our Anxiety Pack, Fortune Luck & Prosperity Pack, Uplifting Pack and Healing Hearts Pack.

Chemical Formula:    SiO 2

Crystal System:    Trigonal

Moh’s Scale of Hardness:   6-7

Works with the Subtle Bodies:  Mental & Emotional

Caution: Keep crystals/stones smaller than 4.5cm out of the reach of small children because they can be a choking hazard. If you are purchasing crystals for someone with small children please use our contact tab to let us know.

Enriching Elements Gifts for Life Crystals are all A-Grade quality. Most importantly, we hand pick each crystal to ensure its maximum energy flow.

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