Pyrite (Fool’s Gold)


Pyrite (Rough) A-Grade 2-6cm approx

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Pyrite (Fool’s Gold) – Attracts Money, Opens the Mind, Balances both sides of the brain.

Colour & Appearance: Metalic Lustre with brass like hue

Zodiac Affinities: All

Spiritual/Mental Healing:

Intellectually stimulating, Pyrite (Fool’s Gold) links the left & right sides of the brain. Consequently, balancing the creative & intuitive with the practical & scientific, therefore boosting mental capacity. Similarly, it promotes communication, memory, strength of will & psychic development.

Its physical structure is geometrically precise, maintaining a unique stability. This stability helps ease anxiety, frustration & depression.

Considered lucky, Pyrite attracts money to its owner therefore it is the ideal gift for someone you wish good fortune upon. For more details see our Fortune Luck & Prosperity Pack.

Physical Healing:

Firstly, Pyrite works with the heart & lungs to pump oxygen into the bloodstream. Use in conjunction with Moss Agate, Red Jasper, & Rose Quartz. In addition use Eucalyptus, Lemon, & Peppermint Pure Essential Oils.

Secondly, combine with Unakite, to help the skin protect itself from the elements. Furthermore, combine with Lavender, Patchouli or Sandalwood, Pure Essential Oils.

Thirdly, it aids the digestive tract in combating ingested toxins. Combine with Tigers Eye and Chamomile Pure Essential Oil.

For more ideas & uses for Pyrite, bundled conveniently for the best value, see our Advanced Meditation Pack.

Chemical Formula:    FeS2

Crystal System:    Cubic

Moh’s Scale of Hardness:   6-6.5

Works with the Subtle Bodies:  Mental & Emotional

Caution: Keep crystals/stones smaller than 4.5cm out of the reach of small children because they can be a choking hazard. If you are purchasing crystals for someone with small children please use our contact tab to let us know.

Enriching Elements Gifts for Life Crystals are all A-Grade quality. Most importantly, we hand pick each crystal to ensure its maximum energy flow.

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