Rose Quartz (Rock)


Rose Quartz chunks – A-Grade Quality and each chunks is approximately 2-6cm

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Rose Quartz (Rock) is commonly known as the Venus Stone or Stone of Love.

Colour: Pink

Appearance: Transluscent

Zodiac Affinities: All

Rose Quartz (Rock) deals with energy on an emotional level helping us to love ourselves and open up to accept love from others. In addition, it helps us to forgive ourselves & furthermore, makes us more open to love & compassion for other people.

When first used may cause turbulence because it releases trapped energy before it clears the path for love & openness.

Can be used with most other crystals and is a great beginner stone. Therefore it makes a great gift for children to nurture compassion & empathy. You may want to add Aventurine which is likewise a great gift for children.

Beneficial to the heart & circulatory systems & can aid sleep.

For more ideas & uses for Rose Quartz, bundled conveniently for the best value, see our Anxiety PackBeginner Meditation and Relaxation Pack, Healing Hearts Pack, Romance Pack and Uplifting Pack.

Chemical Formula:     SiO2

Crystal System:    Trigonal

Moh’s Scale of Hardness:   7

Works with the Subtle Bodies:  Emotional, Mental & Astral

Caution: Keep crystals/stones smaller than 4.5cm out of the reach of small children because they can be a choking hazard. If you are purchasing crystals for someone with small children please use our contact tab to let us know.

Enriching Elements Gifts for Life Crystals are all A-Grade quality. Most importantly, we hand pick each crystal to ensure its maximum energy flow.

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