Smoky Quartz


Smoky Quartz Chunks (Black, Brown-translucent) A-Grade 2-6cm


Smoky Quartz is commonly known as The Solidifier. It is Grounding, Calming, Stabilising. In addition, it improves creativity, enhances joy & balances emotions. Is a good luck talisman.

Colour:  Brown/Black

Appearance: Transluscent/Transparent

Zodiac Affinities: All

Smoky Quartz helps neutralise negative influences as it draws energy to itself. Similarly it helps us to focus energy internally, whilst drawing out the negative and replacing it with positive energy. It is therefore beneficial for lifting depression.

Like most grounding stones it stabilises the Root Chakra. As a result it helps centre both body & mind.

In addition it heightens understanding of nature & the environment.

It has similar qualities to clear quartz however it absorbs energy rather than radiate it. This gives the crystal a quieting and calming quality and therefore it is an excellent stone for meditation.

Care should be taken with Smoky Quartz as it’s colour comes from decaying particles of radium.

Use for ailments of the lower torso for example, abdoman, Kidneys, Pancreas & reproductive organs. Some believe it can help increase fertility energy.

Stimulates and purifies energy centres and benefits muscle tissue, heart and the nervous system.

For more ideas & uses for Smoky Quartz, bundled conveniently for the best value, see our Advanced Meditation Pack, and Romance Pack.

Chemical Formula:    SiO2

Crystal System:    Trigonal

Moh’s Scale of Hardness:   7

Works with the Subtle Bodies:  Mental

Caution: Keep crystals/stones smaller than 4.5cm out of the reach of small children because they can be a choking hazard. If you are purchasing crystals for someone with small children please use our contact tab to let us know.

Enriching Elements Gifts for Life Crystals are all A-Grade quality. Most importantly, we hand pick each crystal to ensure its maximum energy flow.


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